The Reunion Show - Kill Your Television (Cover Artwork)

The Reunion Show

The Reunion Show: Kill Your Television

Kill Your Television (2002)



Wow, this record blew me away ?? with the thick, layered, crunchy walls of sonic bombast coming from the dual guitar attack of the Reunion Show, this album is a solid contender for album of the year with Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet. Oh wait ?? no it isn't. This is pathetic useless drivel that rips off the keyboard stylings of the Get Up Kids ?? and you can't help but think they simply added the keyboards to be "unique".

Maybe I'm just being a pretentious scenester, but I just can't believe that Victory Records ?? who put out some of the more prominent hardcore records in my collection ?? actually put out this record. Even being a fan of the pop-punk-emo genre, I find this record hard to swallow. Everything bad about the genre is summarized in this record. From the played-out pop star bashing of the opening track, to overly cheesy song titles (and lyrics) like "On a Scale of One to Awesome (You're Pretty Great)", the Reunion Show make it somewhat difficult to sit through their album. They even have a song called "The New Rock Revolution" ?? and while I don't claim to listen to much groundbreaking music, the title of the song and the Weezer-ripoff riff behind it definitely makes me giggle and squirm like the thought of giving your parents a spongebath.

I'm having difficulty listening to this entire album knowing that Mr. W.K's album is sitting on my desk. If you are interested in either Victory or emo-pop-punk, I'd recommend Taking Back Sunday; otherwise, this just sounds like the soundtrack to Dawson's Creek.