Rozwell Kid - Precious Art (Cover Artwork)
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Rozwell Kid

Precious Art (2017)

Side One Dummy

I've been waiting on Rozwell Kid's Precious Art for a long time now. In the realm of modern pop-punk, they're a band I don't think get enough props, which is shocking given the catalog they've got so far. This album will be rectifying that. I'd bet big time on it. While there are unmistakable comparisons to bands like PUP and The Dirty Nil abound, Precious Art rolls on to mesh together a lot of influences while still standing on its own, carving out an identity that's as distinct as it is loud and catchy. The comparison you'll hear the most though is to Weezer as Jordan Hudkins (vocals, writer) channels his inner Rivers Cuomo at several twists and turns. Musically, you can stack both these bands up side by side, a lot... but while you'd look at the Blue Album as the American muscle of pop-punk, what's on tap here is the newer, sleeker version amped up on NOS.

The "oohs" have it on songs like "Wendy's Trash Can" and "Boomerang" -- punkier takes on Weezer. It may be the band's best sound but that still doesn't take away when they slow it down for the laid-back Cuomo jams like "Total Mess." It can seem overdone at times but Rozwell Kid make tracks like these so enjoyable, coming off more flattering than imitating. That said, the indie rock aspect of the band is something I don't think gets played up enough. Bands like Microwave, Runaway Brother, Posture & The Grizzly, Oso Oso, Sorority Noise and The Hotelier come to mind on tracks like "Futon", and a few others mid-record where things lean more to the emo side of the coin. You've got acoustic spines and piano keys littered here and there to remind you that for all the homage people tout up, Rozwell Kid do have their own story to tell. And Precious Art tells it oh so succinctly.

Whether it's the melodic ballad of "Gameball" or the rousing swell of "Michael Keaton", turn the speakers up loud because Rozwell Kid aren't playing around. "Blow It" sums the band up in a nutshell, merging indie and pop-punk in fine fashion, reminding that it's up to us to never let the fire of youth burn out. After all, in those ashes and embers, that's where we'll find all those memories that we can hold onto as precious art.