Nerf Herder/Ultimate Fakebook/Fairview - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Nerf Herder / Ultimate Fakebook / Fairview

live in Seattle (2002)

live show

I love Ultimate Fakebook. I always have, and hope I always will. When I heard they were going to play a show at the Paradox Theater in Seattle, I knew I would be there. This marks the fifth time seeing UFB and I was by no means let down.. These guys know how to rock the stage. So what if their music isn't the most impressive or creative sound you have ever heard. They are good at what they do, and the create audience participation which makes their live show hard to dislike. Ultimate Fakebook shared the stage with Nerf Herder and Fairview, a newer band from California.

The line up was originally supposed to be Fairview, Ultimate Fakebook, and finally Nerf Herder. However, the bands were traveling from Idaho, and on their way over they were caught in a huge snowstorm. Ultimate Fakebook and Nerf Herder escaped the snow, but the Fairview van blew a tire over the pass. So the show began with Ultimate Fakebook. I did not complain since their set lasted an extra 20minutes. UFB opened their set with "When I'm With You I'm O.k." off their newest release open up and say awesome. UFB continued their set with an assortment of songs from This Will be Laughing Week and Open up and say Awesome. Their set included Wrestling Leap Year, Inside Me Inside You, Valentines, Popscotch Party Rocks, Far Far Awy, She don't Even Know my Name, Soaked in Cinnamon, Brokyn Needle, Tell Me What You Want, and ending with Apple Girl. New to the band in J.D. Warnock, formerly of The Creature Conforts. J.D. plays guitar and helps on vocals, and easily found his place in the band. Ultimate Fakebook rocked the Paradox, and Bill's extreme high kicks cemented him image as a true punk-rocker.

Fairview took the stage next. This was the first time I have heard any of their material. I was impressed. Fairview is a four-piece band from California, consisting of three guys and a girl on the keyboard as well as vocals. Their style seemed sophisticated and had more of a unique than mainstream edge. If you get a chance I would recommend checking them out.

And finally, the main attraction for most, (but not me), was Nerf Herder. The played a strong and energetic set, filled mostly with tracks from their newest release American Cheese. I have never been too huge of a Nerf Herder fan, but I must say they do put on an impressive show. UFB and Nerf Herder seem to go hand in hand with their style both musically and on the stage. Bouncing and rocking out, Nerf Herder quickly increased the crowd intensity and had everyone jumping around. This was one of the larger crowds I have seen at the paradox, and everyone seemed mesmerized by Nerf Herder. A definite two thumbs up to them.

Overall the show was a good one. I got to see UFB rock out again, and enjoyed a fun set by Nerf Herder as well as an introduction to a new band. Thank god the bands made it safely over the snowy passes, and I wish them a safe rest of the tour with no more blown tires!