Choir Vandals - Dark Glow (Cover Artwork)
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Choir Vandals

Dark Glow (2017)

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Choir Vandals have an interesting indie rock sound. At times they feel like something along the lines of The Obsessives, then the Missouri band jump into a style akin to The Arctic Monkeys, Kite Party and then... Interpol. It doesn't stop there though. It rumbles on and on into a myriad of sounds. Weird, right? Well take in the shimmery essence of "Holiday Girls" and you'll capture a lot of what Dark Glow is about. It's their first full-length and a strong statement of intent -- one that's very diverse and sure to warrant a month of constant replay.

It's indie, poppy and yes, emo. The warm jangly vibe off songs like "The Gardner" is meant for those Sundance films and Sunday evenings on the boardwalk. The vulnerability and romance of this record can't be underplayed because it builds their novel so well. I wasn't as into Choir Vandals but this song really turned me when I first heard it a few weeks ago. In giving them a fair chance, I found Dark Glow really appealing on a personal level -- trudging on about life's adversities and the hope we need to conquer. Songs like "Mother" though remind you with an eerie Morrissey-esque tinge of the distorted pain that will haunt us on this journey. Nonetheless, it's an album to sway to, rock to and fall in love to (as per "Hard to Hold" and "For Lovers"). Hauntingly melodic but worth the trip. And if you're that sentimental... the tears.