L'Etat C'est Moi - Born Without Consent (Cover Artwork)

L'Etat C'est Moi

Born Without Consent (2015)

Self release

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys New Years Day, 2016 in Buffalo NY. They were on their first trek down from Montreal to play in the States. The show was not well attended (most likely because the venue was located in a suburb roughly 20 minutes outside of Buffalo and people were still  probably booze sick in bed from the night before) but for the few of us who did come out, it was a real treat. It was very refreshing to hear a punk band come through and actually play dirty fast paced punk; something that seems to be few and far between nowadays. I may not have heard of them before this show but I totally walked away from it a fan and wanted to step-up my song writing game.

The release I chose to review is a 6 song EP called "Born Without Consent". It was released by the band themselves on May 3rd 2015. Everything about this EP is dirty and raw. The vocals are throaty, guitars are heavy, drums pounding, and the bass is deep and complementing the guitars perfectly. Some bands have it and some fake it; these guys have it and own it. Thr band makes no bones about their crust punk influences and play into that tradition. The guitar especially is part of the genre with it's low-fidelity buzzing. Fans of crusty gutter bands (Toxic Narcotic, LoC, F-Minus) will dig this EP. It ranges from straight hardcore to metal to crack-rock flawlessly. Heavy, fast, and angry; something contemporary punk bands seem to lack lately. While there are no standout tracks or groundbreaking compositions, this is a solid release and will be enjoyed by anyone who digs raw, dirty, fast paced punk rock.