Single Mothers - Skylight [single] (Cover Artwork)
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Single Mothers

Skylight [single] (2017)

Dine Alone

Earlier this summer, Single Mothers put out their excellent sophomore full length, Our Pleasure. The companion B-sides “Skylight” and “Army Green” contain more of the grown-up snottiness you’ve come to expect. Both tracks would have fit seamlessly on Our Pleasure, but for whatever creative reason, were released separately. They’re both gems, so be happy they exist.

“Skylight” finds Andrew Thomson crowning himself the life of the party before spiraling into his desire for company. His scream-talk rant fills the verses while the chorus spews vulnerability. His growl acts as a defense mechanism while his voice lets the audience in, telling the real story. He wants to find an “angel” no matter how badly he pretends otherwise.

Side B is a little sadder, a little darker. There’s no real bravado on “Army Green.” “We’re better off without each other, wouldn’t you agree?” Thomson asks, desperately needing his partner’s approval. He plays the bad guy all while falling on his sword. The realization needs no juvenile aggression. The relationship is over, and that’s that. At least until he gets his final jab: “Watching you leave was the best thing that’s ever gonna happen to me and I treasure it.”

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