Pennywise - Full Circle (Cover Artwork)


Full Circle (1997)


This is arguable the best Pennywise album ever recorded. I know that some people hail "About Time" as Pennywise at it's best, but there are several factors that differ from "About Time" that make "Full Circle" a much better album.

Musically, this is classic Pennywise. Fast,agressive, hints of metal-influenced soloing, minor-threat like riffs. But what sets this album apart from the rest is that of the death of Jason Matthew Thirsk. The band as people and musicians matured, which enabled them to hone in on the music on "Full Circle."

This seems to be a much darker album when compared with albums and gives the sound a heavier feel. The melodic elements really stand out on this album with tracks like "Date With Destiny", "Broken", and the clear standout track, "Bro Hymn Tribute." In terms of Jim's lyrical attack is much more sophisticated, much fits nicely into the music.

This album made Pennywise rethink their roots, retrace their origin, and produce one of the best albums in the late 90's and their best album ever.