New Bomb Turks - The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (Cover Artwork)

New Bomb Turks

The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (2002)


This record is Marilyn Monroe.
Tight and Classy.

After the album Nightmare Scenario on Epitaph reinvigorating the hope in the turks and closing their contract with epitaph, what could they do but do something rocking?

Not repeating the dirty dark rock and punk kick of the previous album, this record goes to the old catalog. If anything, this record reminded me of my favorite New Bomb Turks joint (fuck off) "information highway revisited". It had the clever lyrics, with the upbeat music hiding an undertone of sarcastic and caustic bitterness/rock and roll fun.

You have the drawn out rock on "Like Ghosts", or the quick kick in the pants of "Sick Sermon", but ultimately the medal goes to "Leaving Town" for its poppy yet drilled chorus and "Statue of liberty".

This is consistent in the way the lyrically pure songs "rat feelings" and "dont bug me im nutty" surpass there tone to jiggle your insides to orgasm. The instruments sound great, the guitar not overloaded like alot of releases, just right there like lightning (did i mention "pretty lightning" rocked?) when you need em, minimalist and full at the same time.

A great final LP, the EP waiting to be released has to be quality after this. I'm sad I missed them on the last tour. sigh.