ANTHONY - We All Die Alone (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


We All Die Alone (2017)


Are we still debating Ceremony's shift in sound from epic post-hardcore to well, Morrissey meets Interpol meets Joy Division? Thought so. Guitarist Anthony Anzaldo throws down the gauntlet here as ANTHONY and gives us something else to talk about with a surprise 12-inch titled We All Die Alone.

The title track feels like it could fit on the last couple Ceremony records -- emo/Brit shoegaze at its very best. What sets it apart is a cutting guitar solo that really flips the song on its head. Melissa Farley then comes in on "Over and Over" which has a more up-tempo indie pace to it and is driven on more by Anzaldo's sharp riffs than the shimmery atmosphere of the previous track. They both feel distant and subdued on the mic and this helps to add a feeling of despair, which again throws back to albums like The L-Shaped Man. Two tracks, produced by Jack Shirley... short but sweet. What more can you ask for? Well, it could have been four songs for starters but we'll take what we can get. It's more melodic than Ceremony and hopefully, ANTHONY has teased what's to come for them.