Various - Punk Rock Is Your Friend (Cover Artwork)


Punk Rock Is Your Friend (2002)

Kung Fu

These days, Kung Fu Records has become really good at releasing cheap punk rock samplers, and "Punk Rock is Your Friend" (the third in their series) is no exception. Almost all of Kung Fu's bands make an appearance here: The Ataris, Ozma, Antifreeze, The Vandals, and their smaller bands. No Use for a Name offers a track, as well.

The CD starts off great with a couple upbeat songs by Audio Karate. It works well at starting everything off. Similar artists Useless I.D. and Mi6 contribute fun songs, as well. Antifreeze includes one of their better tracks and a good unreleased track. Despite their good songs, though, they just copy The Ataris way too much (I regret giving their debut CD 3 1/2 stars).

Weezer, I mean Ozma, also have a couple tracks, and they are one of the weakest points of this compilation. Sure, they're not bad for an average Saves the Day fan, but they've just never really clicked with me. The Vandals include a very catchy new song called "I'm Black," and "My First Christmas (as a Woman)" which has got to be one of the stupidest Vandals songs I've ever heard, but it's still very hilarious.

Tsunami Bomb's two tracks are ambitious and nicely performed. Sure, they aren't as aggressive as the other Tsunami Bomb songs, but it's still good punk.

Closing out the disc is a well-recorded live addition of No Use for a Name's "Not Your Savior," and "Make It Last" and "Are We There Yet?" (another live version) from The Ataris.

Obviously this isn't going to be something that will be found in your CD player for weeks and weeks. But it's not bad for the occasional "pop in" if you and your bored friends are driving around on a Saturday night with nothing to do. And if you want to get one of your buddies into Kung Fu artists, you can't go wrong with this.