Gold Class - Drum (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Gold Class

Drum (2017)


Australian post-punk outfit Gold Class meld a variety of influences that, on paper, one wouldn’t really expect to make any sense. But as it turns out, their sophomore full-length, Drum certainly works. The Interpol-esque, more accessible framework of modern post-punk is the base here, but Gold Class are pretty driving and incorporate other familiar inspirations, from Lungfish (scope “Place We Go”) to the more Psychedelic Furs-influenced side of Jawbreaker.

The record begins with a shot of adrenaline exposing that more uptempo inclination with opener “Twist in the Dark”. Like their peers and predecessors, disappointment is a theme here; at the outset, it’s in the result of projected life goals. “Get Yours” is a definite highlight, showing how effective Gold Class are when the energy’s up and the riffs are a bit more serrated, but at the other end of the spectrum, “Trouble Fun” is a building, mid-tempo tale of reckless abandon that retains the band’s knack for hooks and memorable riffs.

Drum does run a bit together, showing a somewhat limited bag of tricks as the album progresses. Truly enchanting moments are a little far and few between. But overall, it manages to hit a certain spot, offering the type of pleasantly aggressive, moderately dark and catchy material the genre tends to offer every now and then (like, well, a mid-tier Interpol album like Antics or something, honestly).