Citizen - As You Please (Cover Artwork)
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As You Please (2017)

Run For cover

Like most bands on Run For Cover Records, Citizen has an ever-changing catalog of songs. The band has made some drastic changes throughout the years while still staying true to their sound. On As You Please the band dives deeper into a more melodic and refined sound. That’s not to say that there aren’t some edgy songs on the record, but comparatively speaking, this album begins a new era for Citizen.

As You Please seems to focus on the influence of the more melodic songs on their previous album, Everybody Is Going To Heaven such as “Dive Into My Sun” and “Yellow Love.” While the band follows in those footsteps, they certainly add a much more polished sound to their songs. “In The Middle Of It All” is an unexpected crowd pleaser that has somewhat of a gospel like quality for the hook. Its songs like this that shows Citizen’s maturity and understanding for crafting brilliant songs.

The title track, “As You Please” is a loud slow song with heavy drums and big guitars. The chorus’s lyrics definitely bring Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” to mind but the song does not directly take anything from Nirvana. “World” follows suit with the slower, lighter sound. Every song on this album just sounds big; As if before mixing it, the record was a loud chaotic mess that needed to be polished.

There are definitely some edgier songs on As You Please though. “Fever Days” begins with a simple riff until distorted guitars and big drums enter and completely change the direction of the song. “I Forgive No One” is classic Citizen and will blend well with the bands live set. The opening track, “Jet” is sure to please fans as well.

Citizen has become bigger and better with each record and As You Please is no exception. Upon first listen, the album may not seem like the next step in the band’s career but upon further inspection, the album feels like the next necessary move. Mat Kerekes vocals really shine through on this record as they always do. This is definitely something to listen to if you enjoy Run For Cover Records bands or Citizen.