Blood Red - Hostage (Cover Artwork)

Blood Red

Hostage (2002)


Coming home from school is always a rather depressing time for me. I have to leave my friends from up here and go back to place where most of the people I used to hang out with have moved away and it leaves me feeling empty. Blood Red is a band that has been able to convey my feelings of depression of home and disgust of the suburban neighborhood and lifestyle.

Blood Red came from two Long Island melodic hardcore bands and form a excellent post-hardcore band that doesn't get bogged down in trying to expand the musical landscape, but instead plays a passionate melodic music that while still able to rock but isn't afraid to show a softer side. I think a good musical comparison would be 7 Seconds meet the older U2 material.

I think that Tommy Corrigan, formally of Silent Majority, is an excellent singer, at times he does sing very emotional songs that just drip ache and hurt like on Medicate By Weight and Our Lady of Mayhem which is a solo piano, while on songs like Conscience Calling, Self Defense, and City Mouse he lets his pent up rage and angst take over.

Overall I think that this is a really strong debut release for this band, if you like emotional bands that are feed up with life and society rather than girls then you should check these guys out.