Not On Tour - N.O.T. On Tour [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Not On Tour

N.O.T. On Tour [EP] (2011)

Diner Junkie Records

Sometimes you find a band that has been around for a while and then go digging through their discography and find a gem or two. This is exactly the case when it comes Not On Tour’s N.O.T. On Tour EP. This is the band’s second release which followed their 2010 debut self-titled LP. And while there is plenty of great stuff on their first album, the N.O.T. On Tour EP is really where you can hear that the band really solidified their sound — easily making them one of the most innovative contemporary melodic punk bands out there.

Of the eight tracks on the N.O.T. On Tour EP the two that stand out the most are “Did You Get Enough” and “Just Forget It.” “Did You Get Enough” starts off incredibly strong with a big build up that leads into lead singer Sima Brami’s addictingly anthemic vocals that just don’t let up. And she is accompanied by the softer back up harmonies. The band shows that they are not just another pop punk band that plays fast power chords either. Instead (and this goes for most of their discography at this point) they have this incredible ability to write very catchy fills and riffs in between her singing.

Not On Tour also try the hand at melodic hardcore on this EP with songs such as “Dirty Envelopes” and “Puke” and it is more than fair to say that they were very successful. “Journey To The Ocean” is where you hear Sima Brami’s ability at yelling rather than melodic singing and she does it just as well. Her voice commands just as much attention, but this time she shares lead vocals with one of the backing vocals and the chemistry and contrast in their voices makes it a quite dynamic song. And while the guitar keeps very busy with its constantly changing chords and riffs, it’s the dark-sounding bass work during the brief break down that really stands out.

What makes Not On Tour such a great band is that they can get so much done in such a short amount of time. Amazingly, none of the songs break the two minute mark. Between Sima’s incredible vocals and how tight the musicianship is, it should not be a shocking (once again) that Not On Tour is one of the most innovative bands in the scene right now.