Makthaverskan - III (Cover Artwork)
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III (2017)

run for cover

Sweden's Makthaverskan are one of the best dream-pop acts in the game at the moment. Their sweet melodies and distinct Euro-flair paint them beyond the average indie-pop band as they churn out unique saccharine rhythms that manage to wistfully entrap you and keep you isolated, light years away from all your worries. II stood as the best work of the band's career but III now proves to be a follow-up that's just as amazing, with Run For Cover sticking to a gun they know will fire on target. If this band ever parts with this label, I'll be concerned because together they're a tour de force and a match made in heaven.

The first half of the album surprisingly doesn't kick off as well as the last full-length because it feels way too much like the older music, drowning you out in spades. It's not that bad a thing but by now, I want more experimentation. I call it the Beach Slang factor -- being really good at what you do but flogging that sound to death. "Vienna" is an example of this. It matches up so well with the last LP, musically syncing to "No Mercy" off that album -- which stands as the band's best song to date. But again, it feels safe and repetitive. Things do get shaken up however, with the familiar lyrics of teen angst, young love and broken relationships all coming down like a storm mid-way.

"Witness" unfolds with a frenzy, breathing a new energy into the record while the hallway echo and slow burn of "To Say It As It Is" flavors things with an impassioned plea and a lot more artistic expression from angelic vocalist Maja Milner. Diverse melodies spring out on songs like "Eden" and "Siren" as well, with Makthaverskan flourishing under a lot more percussive sprawls and guitar-driven dynamism, really feeling like they're batting out the comfort zone. Finally.

What matters though is that their catchy magic never dies down, rearranging all your emotions on the way and relating to you with the heartfelt comfort of a truly kindred spirit. III delivers just that, starting slowly but eventually snowballing into your soul with an indescribable fire.