True Ghouls/Sea Ghouls - Some Ghouls [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

True Ghouls / Sea Ghouls

Some Ghouls [EP] (2017)

Black CIty records

Blank City has taken this Halloween opportunity to release a split EP featuring two ghoul-based bands.

True Ghouls’s “Muscles and Bugs” comes across like a psych based Rocket From the Crypt. It revels in its creepy-crawly vibe and could have been released during any Halloween season in the last thirty years. The remix, however, doesn’t make any sense. It’s moody and produced on an EP that is anything but. Considering “Muscles and Bugs” is only a little over two minutes, True Ghouls would have benefitted from a second original.

Faring better, Sea Ghouls provide a clearer picture of their band. Part country. Part rockabilly. Very raw. “Warren” trots along as vocalist Max Fields croons like a maniac let loose, especially while adding the spooky laughs. “Sunday Afternoon” has a strong surf rock edge and dancing cymbals. It wouldn’t feel out of place on a split with Cobra Skulls either.

While the aptly titled bands are paired correctly, this release feels immediate only due to the holiday.