Yuppie - Old Feeling New (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Old Feeling New (2017)

Invention city records

                On, Old Feeling New, their latest release Yuppie, from my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, put together an album of alternative pop with some psychedelic tendencies. Borrowing their sound from The National, late 90’s Flaming Lips, and just a few tinges of Radiohead they’d be at home at a summer music festival like Coachella. To compliment these influences, they also bring solid songwriting skills, musicianship, and a good sound chemistry to the table as well.

“Mad House” opens the album with a picked guitar that gives way to a strumming acoustic with whirring keyboard synth behind it. When the drums kick in, the song comes together to become a fantastic backdrop while the vocalist takes a look at the complications of trying to deal with life as an adult. The calmer tones of the music overall, allows for the contemplative nature of both the lyrics and the vocals to come through.

Later on the album, “TV Tones” initially keeps the musical style going, while the lyrics take a look at how monotonous life can be at times. The chorus of this song brings to mind the vocal stylings of Sting on first Police album, but the band shifts into a more straight ahead sound as the chorus builds into a pre-verse section that features guitar and organ that keep the psychedelic tinges going.

Elsewhere on the album, Yuppie switches back and forth between more rocking songs and softer songs with relative ease, often times combing the two elements together on one song such as “Surly.” No matter how the band approaches the songs though the fact they are, at their core, good songs remains. Which is a great foundation for a band to build from, as they continue to grow and curate their sound on future releases.