Nekromantix - Brought Back to Life (Cover Artwork)


Brought Back to Life (1992)

Inter Music

Yale Gracey

"The first picture-less movie in the world."
So claims the cover to the Nekromantix third and most solid album to date. However with the production of the two albums prior, one would assume that such a feat could not be accomplished. With the somewhat thin production of "Hellbound" and the swamp-like murkiness of "Curse of the Coffin" sound quality was lacking to say the least, but "Brought Back to Life" exhibits top notch production, which in the end only heightens the spooky atmosphere ten fold. Also one thing to make note of is the lack of one Peter Sandorff (co-founder and guitar player extraordinaire), however, do not fret ghouls, as the Nekromantix come through with another horror soundscape to chill your very souls.

The album kicks off with "Bloody Holiday" which starts with a slow skiffle beat and picks up into the hard Psychobilly rhythm that the album showcases with perfection. With songs about psychotic dentist and horrorscopes gone awry this should satisfy both fans of horror-punk, and Psychobilly. Songs like "Back from the Grave" exhude feeling of the damp cold soil of the grave, while "Monster Movie Fan" gives a somewhat comical glimpse into the dating life of one of the Nekromantix. The masterpiece of the album is the somewhat melodic and catchy "Nekrofelia" in which Kim sings
"We used to play this innocent game. At the graveyard we always came. Naked in the night all alone. Lying in the grass beside the tombstone"
All in all, this album does not have any bad songs, not a dull moment for Kim and company. I found this album to be quite a surprise as this is the only album without Peter Sandorff, yet the Nekromantix do not miss one beat and somehow keep their signature sound sans Peter. So, if you can find this album I would suggest picking it up, along with all the other Nekromantix albums, they are a band not to be missed.