Sammi Lanzetta - For Avery [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Sammi Lanzetta

For Avery [EP] (2017)

6131 Records

In less than ten minutes, Sammi Lanzetta gives you a definitive statement about the artist she is. On her debut EP For Avery, she’s honest about her life and demands you pay attention.

With no song over three minutes, it’s amazing she gets out everything she needs to. She often projects her worries onto a subject but they are reflective as well. The first two tracks deal with her anxieties about age and success. On “Circles,” she asks, “So you’re in a band, where are all of your fans? So you’ve got a job, where is your money?” The subject of her wrath also gets labeled a misogynist and a jackass. On the appropriately titled “Anxiety Olympics,” the struggle goes internal, “People my age make me anxious, I’m floating by while they’re doing amazing shit.” This issue, one that many twenty-somethings understand, is even harder to swallow when you consider Lanzetta’s twenty-one years of age.

The title track, dedicated to her friend's young niece, slows the EP down a bit. The song feels as much for Avery as it does for Lanzetta and cautions her about what life has in store. It picks back up with the simple but effective “Toothbrush Song,” where her voice blends into the distorted guitar.

Lanzetta’s is yet another outlier on 6131 Records. Clearly, she was something they couldn’t resist. It’s not hard to hear why.