SNFU - A Happy Number [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


A Happy Number [7-inch] (2017)

Rake Records

Marc Belke, one of the founders and half the brother musical songwriting team that made SNFU so damn good, opted not to work with the band anymore in 2005 after the near flawless punk rock gem "In The Meantime and In Between Time" was released. SNFU continued on releasing one more record, "Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You" with sole founding member Chi Pig, in 2013 to mixed results. This is a band that NEEDS at least one Belke brother. This is why excitement and curiosity were piqued for this 2 song ep announced in mid-2017.

Upon putting needle to wax though the sounds were not those of the classic punk rock SNFU. As the Rake Records bandcamp page states “A Happy Number is an enhanced demo that was originally recorded in 2000 or 2001. Mr. Chi Pig & muc b were in a space & time where they would just free flow ideas and record whatever they came up with regardless of how it might be labelled”. These are very much songs of the “electronic” variety.

Side A “A Happy Number” is a melancholy affair reminiscent of Boards Of Canada. Chi Pigs words reminisce upon how he used to be happy and care free. Any one that has seen Chi at his local Vancouver haunts, such as Pub 340, can attest to the fact that the man has seen better days. This song is the clear stand out on this 7 inch. A pretty little song by a hardcore band of yore. Side B features "Human Cattle" which begins with a sinister electronic beat and heavy bass line. Chis vocals enter distorted as he sings about thinning out the human race. Its the weaker song of the two but works in context as a yang to side A's ying.

This is one odd duck of an ep in the SNFU catalog. It sounds nothing like anything the band has ever even hinted at prior to this release and it strikes one as odd that Marc would release it under the SNFU banner but it is two of the original members and that's more than the current incarnation of the band can boast. So arguments can be made from both sides. This ep is for the super fan of SNFU.