Off With Their Heads/Seth Anderson - Live in Asbury Park (Cover Artwork)

Off With Their Heads / Seth Anderson

Live in Asbury Park (2018)

live show

January 12, 2008-If you’re ever in Asbury Park, you need to visit the Asbury Park Brewery. Founded and run by local musicians and music lovers, the Brewery offers an array of outstanding beers, both unique and somewhat conventional, as well as local and touring musical acts. It is my new favorite place and I was lucky to catch the acoustic version of Off With Their Heads and Seth Anderson, who began their tour in AP. Stacy Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop was scheduled to join the guys on tour, but sadly she had to drop off the tour due to health issues.

Nervous Triggers, a local punk band who take their name from a Clash lyric, started off the night strong with their politically laced brand of punk rock, followed by The Vansaders, an Asbury Park group with great melodies and smooth vocals. Up next came NYC-based Brook Pridemore with a full band and full energy to keep the crowd on their feet. Rounding out the local openers was Mikey Erg backed by bass and drums and a whole load of energy and charisma. To add to the entertainment, local comedians peppered the crowd with jokes to give each band a chance to set up and break down their equipment.

Seth Anderson, who I was excited to see again, took the stage next with just his acoustic guitar in hand. You’d think going from 3 and 4 piece punk bands to a man and a guitar could put a lull in the air, but it didn’t. Though he is quiet in demeanor both on and off stage, his vocal delivery and songwriting speaks loud enough so people listen. I don’t think you can classify him as a punk, but he plays guitar with a punk passion and speed. Anderson drew mostly from his release on Joey Cape’s One Week Records, yet he did play a song from his upcoming record, which seems to be just as promising.

Rounding out the night was Ryan Young, playing as Off With Their Heads. I’ve never seen OWTH live and I’m kind of glad I caught the acoustic version first. Listening to just a man and a guitar offers a glimpse into the songwriting process and somehow makes it all seem more real. Halfway through the set, Anderson joined Young on stage to accompany him on some songs in place of Stacy Dee. Seth and Ryan are very different in both personality and musical style, yet they compliment each other perfectly. Anderson’s soothing vocals compliment Young’s gruff delivery nicely and you can tell they are going to get along just fine on this tour.

Overall, it was a great night with various different musical styles that flowed as seamlessly as the beer.