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Racquet Club

Racquet Club (2017)


I fully expected vocalist Blair Shehan to bring his restrained energy over to Racquet Club, an indie-emo band born from the ashes of The Jealous Sound, Knapsack and Samiam. Interesting mix, right? Well for me, I just wanted to see what Shehan would offer and if they'd end up being more dynamic than what I first assumed. Well, the answer's no but that's not a bad thing because while the album drags on in places, Racquet Club is an album that still ends up flowing pretty well.

From the silky smooth "Boundaries" to the more upbeat "Caldwell Park" you can tell this band is all about technical proficiency and deep songwriting. It's not about big hooks and driving rock melodies. Instead, you're left basking in a warmth and upstanding vibe that I think works in Racquet Club's favor. "Let Beauty Find You" is a prime example of this -- mid-tempo and well, something that shows how tempered the band wants its tone in order to speak -- message of love and maturity in a world that lacks both. Of course, amid all this compassion and empathy, you get some grungy '90s tones ("Head Full of Bees") and a bit of post-hardcore paint thrown here and there, as if to keep reminding you how diverse they could go if they wanted to. 

With all this said, I'd have preferred this record as an EP though because mid-way the boring tracks simmer and throw you off. However, all in all, this album really ends up sticking with you and reminds me of what new acts like Citizen and Teenage Wrist are doing at the moment, which is a good thing.