Homestand - Homestand (Cover Artwork)


Homestand (2018)

Self released

Homestand is a band from the Chicago suburbs of Oswego, IL. The 4 piece band has been putting out music since 2016, and I can certainly say they have improved as song writers and musicans. The 11 song album starts of with "Dead Wrong" and rolls with into "Give Up", which is a solid 1-2 punch and introduction to the band. First listen will draw obvious comparisons to present day pop punkers like State Champs, but there are certainly some subtle nods to the past, while keeping their influences present.

"Through & Through" reminded me of Veara and Four Year Strong, complete with double kick breakdowns and gang vocals. "Sidewalk Dreams" could easily be snuck in between Seaway and Like Pacific on your summer time pop punk mix tape. One thing that the album suffers from is production. Vocalist Brock Woolley certainly has the chops, and the band backs up his singing style nicely. "Directionless" will certainly provide any listener to hear the strain and emotion in the singing, yet I can't help but wonder what they could do with Sam Pura (Story so Far) or Seth Henderson (Sleep on It) helming a record in a proper setting with some bells and whistles.

At 11 songs, some listeners could tend to tune out songs, but I think it is an interesting enough album that will warrant multiple listens. The album ends with “I Don’t Believe You”, which brought me back to “The Goodbye Song” by New Found Glory. Homestand is trending in the right direction, and I am excited to see what is next for the young group.