Ikara Colt - Chat and Business (Cover Artwork)

Ikara Colt

Chat and Business (2002)


"Ikara Colt exist because 99.9 percent of everything else is shit and getting shittier." -www.epitaph.com

Based on claims like this one, and several others I've read in a variety of both mainstream and independent publications, (either web or print) I thought this record was going to be about as brilliant as the second coming of Christ himself. (whenever that may be)

What I got however was nothing but a steaming pile of mediocrity, smelling very similar to the recent heap of "minimalist-garage-retro-revivalist-rock" acts that have been plundering the radiowaves for the past year or so.

I'll make this short and sweet. If you're currenly a fan of either The Strokes, The Hives, Division of Laura Lee or The White Stripes for that matter, you may very well find this record an aural delight. If however, (like me) you feel like you'll puke if you have to hear another "we use vocal distortion on every last song and play our instruments badly" copycat of a band, steer clear of this record.

In conclusion I'll try my best to actually describe this record. (seems all I've done so far is express my utter disdain that this record was ever pressed.) Vocal distortion a-la "insert horrible garage band of choice here" smothered in a wall of compressed, undynamic guitar work,combined with old school punk beats and horrible basement production. Also, they're from L.A. and sound British. Bad, bad music... Wait did I say 'music'?...

This record scores a 2. And the only reason I'm giving it that much is because I was able to use the stickers from the CD cover to keep the battery in my T.V. remote from falling out. Also, the disc protects my new coffee table from those nasty beverage stains.