Booji Boys - Weekend Rocker (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Booji Boys

Weekend Rocker (2017)

drunken sailor

After releasing their debut ST LP in February 2017 and following it up with an EP that July, Halifax’s Booji Boys returned this Christmas with a wonderful gift, their sophomore full length Weekend Rocker. In under a year the band, which take their name from the Devo character and modeled their first album art after CCR, released two albums and an EP of balls to the wall, lo-fi punk rock.

Weekend Rocker proves the Booji Boys have a grasp on incredibly catchy music. While not pop punk, the music is melodic even though it is near impossible to decipher a word that comes out of singer Alex Mitchell’s mouth. Yet something about his way-too-distorted vocals gives the album the energy of a live show. That has a lot to do with the fine guitar work. Cody Googoo has been in his share of bands throughout the years and that experience is clear. The guitars are strong and commanding, often coming across like the front men. The songs barrel forward with standard punk rock power as well as plenty of decoration. On “Highest Guy (In The HRM),” the guitars playfully descend. A similar trick is used on “Crowe’s Kitchen,” this time leading to a final wall of sound moment.

ST LP clocked in at about twenty minutes. Weekend Rocker clocks in at roughly twenty-six. So imagine the surprise when the best song the Booji Boys have is Weekend Rocker’s seven-minute closer “Oh Yeah,” a sheer rejection of their otherwise two minute songs. After three minutes they throw in some more distortion and a drum build up before ending the album on a strong note.

Booji Boys play timeless punk rock, music that doesn’t subscribe to a specific scene or decade. Now, if only we could make out the words.