Red Hot Valentines/Retro Morning - split CD (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Red Hot Valentines / Retro Morning

split CD (2002)

Double Zero

It's crap. This CD is 20 minutes of crap, crammed into a plastic jewel case with disembodied breasts on the cover. That is how sterile and generic this music feels.

First up are the Red Hot Valentines. I've never liked this band, since the first time I saw them over 2 years ago. Their schtie bands on this CD [which isn't saying much]. In their three songs, they at least try to vary up the tempo and style in which they play their keyboard heavy emo-pop. Think Sig Transit Gloria with a better singer for this band [also, old Get Up Kids comes to mind, but it's not nearly as good].

The best thing this CD has going for it is the fact that one of the Red Hot Valentines looks just like the guy who played Goose in "Top Gun" and Dr. Green on "ER." Other than that, this CD is just like the artwork it contains - fake, plastic, and cold.