Scream Hello - This Island Earth (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Scream Hello

This Island Earth (2018)

black numbers

If the early 90’s represent the beginning of emo and the early 00’s represent its second wave, Scream Hello's sound appears birthed from the in-between, even on this year’s This Island Earth. With their first music in ten years, the band combines all the right qualities: beautiful melodies and intricate guitar, the strengths of both emo waves.

Even on this short EP, two sides of Scream Hello are made known, acting as a mission statement or a reminder (depending on your previous familiarity.) The title track and “Sad Places, Happy People,” show their poppy energetic side, like We Are the Only Friends We Have-era Piebald but with bigger hooks. The guitar and bass give room for singer James Caverly to wail in traditional fashion.

The other two songs – “Jawbreaker” and “Good Night” – slow things down and show Scream Hello’s ability is not limited to pop punk rockers. Doing his best John K. Sampson impression, Caverly tells stories, personal and delicate, and the music follows suit gracefully. 

Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear from the band for the next ten years.