A Vulture Wake - The Appropriate Level of Outrage (Cover Artwork)

A Vulture Wake

The Appropriate Level of Outrage (2018)

bird attack

In December of 2017, I remember texting my friend about a new band forming that had Sean Sellers from Good Riddance and Chad Price from All. He then informed me that also in the band was Joe Raposo from Lagwagon and Brandon Landelius from The Mag Seven. Then he dropped a little nugget that they are recording at the Blasting Room. All signed pointed to yes. Fast forward a month later, and the all-star band, A Vulture Wake, released their 10 song debut titled The Appropriate Level of Outrage on Bird Attack Records, who has been killing it as far as roster and release moves the past 2 years.

Well does the sum equal all its’ parts you may ask? The fast answer is yes. The album is chock full of technical punk, rapid fire drumming with a fantastic sense of melody maintained throughout the long player. With that being said, each member’s past or current bands do not overshine the group as a whole. Could any of these songs fit on a Good Riddance or Lagwagon album? Most certainly, but the fact is A Vulture Wake sounds exactly like 4 great players in bands, making new music together. Give the metal influenced J.I.B. a listen to hear the subtle, but not overpowering influences of former bands.

Circle of Friends  incorporates some metallic influences as finger tapped guitar continues through the verse, while slowing down to one of the more anthem-esque choruses on the record. Album standout song Take Life which is a mid-tempo rocker that sounds like No Use For a Name, but ends on heavy half time drums and Chad singing “Leave a Trail of Debt Behind” which will no doubt be heavy on the crowd participation when A Vulture Wake plays shows.

A Vulture Wake have managed to come together quickly, and write a pretty decent album. I would imagine people’s expectations based on the resume could feel the album isn’t fast enough or metal enough or whatever people complain about in 2018. The fact of the matter is that the group has put together a record of exactly what they set out to make, which is honest and energetic punk rock. The band has already been able to share the stage with bands such as 7 Seconds, Strung Out, Pulley and more, and already have an EP in the works for a 2018 release. I will be looking forward to hearing the EP and more in the future.