Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (Cover Artwork)
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Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)


Casey are a very unique band and one that I can tell already has potential to go far. Furthermore, they've got it all set up for mainstream success, and not just because they're on Rise but because of their musical ingenuity. They have a very unique dynamic to their sound, mixing genres -- post-hardcore, post-rock and screamo -- to paint a collage of life and how close death comes to it ever so often. 

Where I Go When I Am Sleeping builds on 2016's Love Is Not Enough, not just in detailing the health issues of vocalist Tom Weaver -- but as a well-written novel that's testament to the power of the human spirit in terms of overcoming everyday life. And of course, its affiliated battles.

Songs like "Wavering" are what hooked me initially: a brand that fans of Touche Amore, old-school Pianos Become The Teeth and Departures can relate to. It's all fast-paced, loud and boisterous screamo/post-hardcore done right. Then there are the shimmery post-rock anthems that throw nods to bands like Gates, Moving Mountains and Prawn. Here, you've got pristine lyrics showered by warm, ethereal riffs and melodies ( as per "Flourescents" and "Flowers By The Bed") that act as the white light that finds its way to us in these dire times that we often fear.

What's most impressive though is Casey's balance -- you've got a mix of both the band's clean and rough styles via "Phosphenes" which show how versatile they can be, waxing on and on about these near-death incidents and the precious fragility of life. What results is a vulnerable, honest album that I can best describe as poetry in musical motion.