Bright Calm Blue - Asymmetry Set (Cover Artwork)

Bright Calm Blue

Asymmetry Set (2002)


Robert Rode

I usually don't review albums but I had the chance to get this free and I jumped at it knowing what a previous release by this Lincoln Nebraska band sounded like. This album created by five individuals, eight songs, 34 minutes of sound entitled "Asymmetry Set". Defying the popular form of song structure. Vocals ranging from a talking yell to a scream. Key changes. time signature changes. A bit of distortion added to the vocals. The levels of this compact disc are perfect in my mind. Several layers, so much going on. The band plays with dynamics a bit throughout the work.

All the songs on this are layered. Keyboard and moog part play a minor role. Two guitars playing single notes. Bass always distinct and thick, it reminds me of several bands from the east coast.

This is definitely a progression from previous works. It's much more mature. Contains more control than previous efforts.

Lyrically, they speak of socio-politcal and the personal. "the north bottoms," "A city grows incomplete slaved by asymmetry. pattern. pattern set. Pattern to fill lives with more of nothing. A city grows incomplete in a pattern of broken streets. So many nothing. So many lives that bend to the will of someone else." This is a band that has something to say. Nothing trite here.

The only thing that I didnt really enjoy that much was the sample after the song "A Tongue To Taste," I have been listening to this CD for about six months now and I can't figure out why they put that sample. Maybe I'm overlooking it. perhaps, they want an break after the song into the next song? hmm, it puzzles me. This song is found on their first release, a seven inch on independence day. In my eyes, the seven inch version is much better. More abrasive. Shorter also.

The album ends with a four minute instrumental that has a vocal part in the background. It sounds like someone saying words with a bit of distortion.

This is something that I strongly suggest picking up if you are into some attributes that I stated in the first paragraph. I'm sure if you sat down and listened carefully, you could pick out several influences. Who cares? Just go to your local independent record store and get it. Now.