Razorbumps - Hellrazors (Cover Artwork)


Hellrazors (2018)

Pop wig Records

Making your mark in the hell raisin’ business is probably not easy. When one is operating in the plain of existence this business finds itself in, a constant state of mania and destructive creation, it’s likely you’re going to encounter a few bumps along the way. Enter Denton, TX’s Razorbumps. This is their business and these operating bumps are exactly the space Razorbumps revels and creates in.

Hellrazors is the first official release for Razorbumps. They have previously self-released a demo. Landing on Pop Wig Records, the band shares the same creative and genre pushing ethos of their label mates. Razorbumps play an angular style of rock that pulls in influences from seemingly every direction. Frontwoman Jenn Smith’s vocals provide a constant barrage of staccato style yelps and punctuated shouts through distorted feedback. When she frenetically questions “hell raisers, are you ready to ride?” in the final track, she wastes precious seconds in answering her own question with the affirmative “hell raisers ride tonight!”

Comparisons have been previously made to Devo, and while there is some truth in that, the sounds contained on Hellrazors span a wide spectrum of rock ‘n’ roll. You’ll hear Doors-influenced keys underlining songs like “Cry You A River” and “Workin’ Bees.” “Go With The Flow” has a post-punk vibe to it. The band styles everything with a healthy dose of garage rock, most notably in the minute-long stomper “Make You Bleed.” The spastic energy in this release assures that Razorbumps aren’t spending too long with any one influence. Overall, the sound comes across as if White Lung and The Hives got together to do a bunch of crystal meth at a party.

If hell raisin’ is the business, then the business is good for Razorbumps. This debut LP is a lot of fun and sure to bring the party when gracing stages. It’s a quick listen that’s over before you know it.