Jon Creeden and The Flying Hellish - Stall (Cover Artwork)

Jon Creeden and The Flying Hellish

Stall (2018)

Dead broke rekerds/my fingers!

I have been aware of Jon Creeden’s musical output for years now, both as a friend within the scene, and as a fan. Jon has paid countless musical dues, slugging it out on tour throughout North America and Europe, both as a solo performer, and as a member of The Flying Hellfish. In past reviews I have mused about what the future could hold for Jon Creeden with improved recording quality, or re-worked acoustic material with a full band. Well, the day has come, and Stall is exactly what I have not only been waiting for, but what I have been hoping for.

First of all, the production value of Stall is a much needed improvement from past demo recordings. The instruments sound full and Jon is finally able to showcase his full vocal potential. Jon expertly moves from gruff Hot Water Music-esque shouts to a soft and melodic croon that separates Stall from the pack of gruff punks out there.

The track list of Stall goes from more down-tempo and emotionally driven punk rock to fast and d-beat centered anthems. I can safely attest to the fact that none of the songs drag, and the record flows nicely from track to track. A re-recorded favorite from Jon Creeden’s previous LP Beards titled “One Coast to Another” makes it easy to slide into the albums new content. The song is re-worked with added leads and guitar melodies.

The rest of the record, whether fast or slow, feature driving and memorable hooks within the chorus. Title track “Stall” is a great example of the bands ability to produce a hook that will stay with the listener long after the record is put away. The lyrical content speaks to a potentially older audience than some classic punk rock, covering topics more relevant to individuals in there 30’s. The existential struggle many of us face once our mid twenties are over is front and center with Stall. While that theme may not be groundbreaking, it comes off as mature and satisfying.

Stall is the record the band needed to make to take their career to the next level. In an aging punk rock scene of bitter and jaded folks, Jon Creeden and The Flying Hellfish play to their audience and provide an up-beat and memorable record that will appeal to both old fans and new fans alike. FFO: The Menzingers, Hot Water Music, Iron Chic, and The Boss.