Various - New.Old.Rare [Australian version] (Cover Artwork)


New.Old.Rare [Australian version] (2002)


Well this album was released in Australia through Redline Records(the label responsible for the releases of Idlewild,Sundays best etc).The bands on the Australian release are Midtown,The MovieLife,Secondbest and Blueline Medic. I have read that in America it will be released through Fueled by Ramen and the Movielife will be replaced by a band called Recover. Before Ii proceed to review this compilation I would like you to keep in mind my ignorance in regards to the American bands on this CD.

Ok, well the concept of this compilation is quite interesting in my opinion.One new track, one old track and one rare track. In total 12 tracks all up. The bands are quite similar in most ways but Blueline Medic add more of a rock feel to the compilation. I personally believe that Blueline Medic are the most interesting band on the release but that is not to take anything away from the other bands.

Ok well here goes, I will review the 12 songs in the categories of New.Old.Rare.

1-Blueline Medic-Precious Things-a cover of a Tori Amos track, personally my favorite song on the comp. Almost worth buying just for this track.
2-Midtown-Become What You Hate-a catchy number of there newest release. What you would expect from Midtown.
3-The Movielife-Its Up To Me-this is track is quite upbeat and better than the other tracks from these fellas.Personally my least favorite band on the compilation.
4-Secondbest-Dont Look Back-this song is catchy with the dual vocals but tends to drag on a bit. Still a decent song.

1-Blueline Medic -Cathedral- the opening track of The Aplogy Wars with quite a catchy chorus.
2-Midtown-Just Rock And Roll-the popular track of Save The World.... that im sure that most of you know or have heard of.
3-The Movielife-Once In A Row-i didnt like this track alot, but i did like the guitars in this song.
4-Secondbest-Trapped in Me- a quirky,happier song. sounds alot like midtown i think.

1-Blueline Medic-They'll Let You Know-a slower track yet still quite powerful, you should all checkout this band!
2-Midtown-Let Go-another track of Save The Girl... but with a few very small changes. not much differant at all.
3-The Movielife-If Only Duck Tape Could Fix Everything-a slower track, probably my favorite song by these guys on this cd.
4-Secondbest-New Direction-a live song with quite a few pauses and drum fills. Decent quality for a live track, overall not a bad tune.