Queen of Jeans - Dig Yourself (Cover Artwork)
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Queen of Jeans

Dig Yourself (2018)

topshelf records

Queen of Jeans are definitely a band that you'll be hearing on some Netflix series soon. Probably a rom-com or emo-drama like Lovesick or Love. Why? Well, they're an emotional trip that pulls influences from so many acts. Still, you can't help but feel that QOJ really are doing their own thing and doing it so damn well. Since I heard them covering Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" I knew they'd be ready for the big time, and being attached to one of my favorite labels was the icing on the cake. Unconventional for Topshelf, but still a gem. Glad to report, I wasn't disappointed at all with Dig Yourself. It builds on QOJ's EPs and sees them switch from a trio to a four-piece so seamlessy, and more so, with the potential to be the next Beach House.

Other folks I'd label are kindred spirits are their fellow Philly act Kite Party, then I'd say a bit of Slowdive comes to mind, and with Miriam Devora's angelic voice at the fore, it's like Imogen Heap meets Lana del Rey. Seriously, there's a lot going here with her pristine vocals amid all these shimmery melodies, as per songs like "More to Love" and "April Still." They seamlessly fuse dance, indie, pop and hey, if you think they lost that breezy 60's beach rock sound, then check out "U R My Guy." These tracks are super romantic and feel like they're made for the sock-hop or the skating rink. Cute yet with lyrics that speak to us on deep, connecting levels and more so, a treat for fans of old.

It gets so evocative and existential as well via the atmospheric nature of "Space" -- a nice, emo/shoegaze jam to drift away to into the slow night. Versatility's the name of the game here and it's nailed home later on when Devora wades into the seductive "Bat Your Eyes." Also, if you think the album's too minimal (which I admit it is at times) then you've got their garage sound of old in "Sick Day," which really reminds how awesome they are when they're louder and more aggressive. All in all, this record really takes you down memory lane, slowing life down and begging for you to gaze off into the sunset and wonder about that game of love. Remarkable, to say the least.