Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas 7'' (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Jimmy Eat World

Last Christmas 7'' (2002)

Better Looking

In a perfect display of holiday giving, the juggernaut that is Jimmy Eat World is giving back to the little people, in the form of this limited edition covers 7".

The 7" is especially festive due to three things:
1. The gorgeous artwork created by the talented Nathan Naylor.
2. The pretty green vinyl.
3. The A-side of the 7" being a cover of Wham!'s holiday classic "Last Christmas."

Jim Adkins sounds like he was born to sing this song, as the band does a solid job of backing him up. They make the song sound like their own, which is always a good thing, I suppose.

On the flipside of the 7", the group tackles the late-90s techno hit "Firestarter" by the Prodigy. I was very curious as to how this cover would come out, as it's something very unusual to tackle. Amazingly, JEW takes this 3 and a half minute techno romp and stretches it out to around 7 minutes of swirling guitars and plaintive, mournful cries of "I'm the firestarter." They completely reinvented the song, and I commend them for it.

So you like what you're reading thus far, huh? You want to pick this up? Well, realize that this 7" was limited to 3000 copies, and Better Looking has already sold all of them. If you want one, you better book down to your local record store or hope they're fairly cheap on eBay [at the time I wrote this, the cheapest one on there was six and a half bucks]. I would recommend this for Jimmy Eat World completists, cover song addicts, and vinyl fetishists. If you fall into one of those categories, pick this up.