Hudson Falcons - Desperation and Revolution (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Hudson Falcons

Desperation and Revolution (2000)


Ahh, punk rock for the working class. These guys are going to be the next Dropkick Murphys. they're a quartet hailing from New Jersey, and they play politically charged punk rock [incredibly well] for the masses. The CD clocks in at a whopping 41:07 [which, to me, seems like a lot for a band of this type], but the time flies by so very quickly. The singer has a lot to say in each song, too, and he does it with such a frantic growl that you can't help but get psyched up for song after song. Like I mentioned before, there's a significant Dropkick influence here, plus maybe some Bouncing Souls and Ann Beretta. And of course, there's elements of the old-school punk and oi! bands intertwined. So if you're looking for a good CD to come home from the factory every night and crank up while drinking a brew or two, look no further: the Hudson Falcons are your band.
[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]