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Attic Salt

Attic Salt (2017)


I'm one of those, I'd say non-fans, who still wanted the Warped Tour to keep going. Sure, there's a lot of stuff on it I consider crap, but I did enjoy seeing some pop-punk bands I like getting their due. Attic Salt is one of those reasons I wish it was still up and running because I think they'd have been a perfect fit and something to reel kids back in from the musical drivel that Ronnie Radke and like-minded bands are putting out.

Wishful thinking aside, Attic Salt is unapologetically pop and I love how right the band gets it here: melodic, bubbly and catchy -- coming like a blend of Superchunk and Mixtapes.

The first half of the record starts off with a bang, and something I could see Red Scare buying into. The Illinois quartet opens up with three bouncy, anthemic mid-tempo jams -- "Hometown", "Passenger" and "Arms Length" -- that leave you wondering why you haven't heard more of 'em. Guitarists Andy Harmon and Alyssa Currie have one of the best dual dynamics I've heard on vocals in quite some time, which is where the Mixtapes comparison comes in. 

Currie, in particular, really impressed me -- giving  off an energy and a vibe a la Looming's Jessica Knight, especially on "Sierra Nevada". The second half of the record kind of loses steam with a few of the songs sounding the same, but all in all, Attic Salt really feels like the beginning of big things. 

I remember Tom Trauma's daughter writing a review about Warped Tour and I got to thinking, this is a band I'd love to take my kid to because it's just clean fun. I mean, I'm a sucker for indie-punk and hey, any band that has a Kepler reference in it gets my vote. There's something here I can see fans of Red City Radio and Direct Hit! coming for and trust me, you won't leave disappointed.