Undesirable People - Ask Me If I Care (Cover Artwork)
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Undesirable People

Ask Me If I Care (2018)


Undesirable People are one of the first bands I wrote about at Punknews, and a band that no matter what I would always take time to listen to, even if life gets in the way. That's probably why I never got around to writing about Eternal Vision of a Blind Future (and full discretion, it's one of 2015's hidden gems). Cut to three years later and news they're touring with Sidekicks, and honestly, I couldn't be more stoked. Well, I could and that's thanks to a new six-song EP titled Ask Me If I Care.

It's less pop-punk and more indie-punk, a direction I think suits them best. Bands like the Flatliners and Seahaven pop to mind, but I can feel that 90's alt. rock energy from Citizen rummaging around the most. "Bishop Park" best encapsulates what I'm trying to say here -- one of their most brooding and exhilarating tracks to date and which more or less shows their new signature. Is it as catchy as their older material? No, but it's a lot more focused and technically finessed, just like "A Tender Delight" and "Look at the Moon". By the time they take you for a more aggressive spin, and a nod to their older music, on "I Saw A Dove" you can't help but hope that this is just a teaser for an LP to come. Sooner rather than later I hope.