F.o.N. - Adventures in Boredom (Cover Artwork)


Adventures in Boredom (2002)

Doc Hollywood

F.o.N's album Adventures In Boredom is exactly that, an adventure in being bored to death by a melodic pop-punk that at least doesn't take its sound from NOFX but instead plays what sounds like they took Pennywise's Alien and used that for the basis of their sound. That's strike one. They have seven members in the band, and they don't play ska. What the fucks up with that? That just makes them try to hard to be arty and it really doesn't come off, nor the two singers who sound so similar that is it really hard to tell them apart. Strike two. Let's see can we go for 3, yes we can. The song topics aren't that far from some of the more emoish pop-punk bands out there, focusing on topics like unpopularity A Day Too Late, confusion Fragile, and doing your thing and challenging what around you Professional Crastination, The Movement.

I will give this points for a couple of things - their drummer is only 14, a prodigy of Blink's Travis Barker, and won "Best Undiscovered Drummer-18 and Under" by Modern Drummer in 2001, and they don't sing about girlfriends or the lack thereof. You'll like this album if you: love Alien, let Teen People influence your musical tastes, are named Wuss Emo Rock.