World's Greatest Dad - Get Well Soon (Cover Artwork)
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World's Greatest Dad

Get Well Soon (2018)

deep rest

As usual, I've found an indie/emo gem for you. In this case, if you're from Atlanta then you'd know about world's greatest dad. If not and you're like me, then you're in for a rough-cut, demo-esque treat in Get Well Soon -- a self-reflecting (at times, self-deprecating) record that's all about going through the motions in life.

The first few tracks crib a lot from bands like The Hotelier (coincidentally, the label's name syncs up with their "Your Deep Rest" hit years aback), Slingshot Dakota and Tigers Jaw. Songs like "cough" exemplify this: bubbly, infectious melodies and catchy lyrics. Most of all, it's well, bouncy emo a la those bands I mentioned. However, it's later down the line that things swell a bit, still anthemic but much more telling and dynamic. It's either a solid soft-loud musical spine (see "fireworks" -- arguably the album's standout track -- and the aggressive "liminal space"); or mid-tempo head-bobbers a la "ciggies" which feels like The World Is A Beautiful Place...

Even when it's overly poppy like on "asshole song" there's a creative ingenuity here and overall versatility that really makes world's greatest dad stand out a bit more than contemporaries. Maddy Duncan's warm vocals wrap each song with emotion, painting a truly vulnerable diary that we can all relate to and which leaves Get Well Soon as that post-card on your mantle from the friend you've fallen out of contact with. But with whom, there's an undying love. The album title says it all.