Thought Riot - Shattered Mirror Syndrome (Cover Artwork)

Thought Riot

Shattered Mirror Syndrome (2001)


This has got to be one of my favorite new bands of the year. They have a sounding similar to that of AFI and a little of Anti-Flag together. And, like Anti-Flag these guys like to write political songs. Unlike Anti-Flag (who writes more in depth politics), I feel these guys do a more overview on how they see politics nowadays. They also have some songs just about everyday life too (friends family etc) which I really enjoy as well. I really enjoy the part in song 5 (Sign Of The Times) where at the end they have a little speech from one of the Monty Python series. In other songs they also add little excerpts from movies, which I feel is very splendid (Such as in the song Patriot). The only real problem I have with this band is that as good as they sound, there is nothing very new here. But I feel they excel at what they do, which is just making good thought-provoking music. I have yet to see them live, but I'm sure they put on a hell of a show.

Onto the breakdown of the cd: This Cd starts off great with the song Breaking Old Tablets. This is the way to open a Cd. The song is powerful, energetic and talks about you (the listener) having your own power and self-rights. "The power that flows from within is yours. The power that grows from within is yours. The power is yours."

Next is All For God, And A Gun For All, which is a song about gun usage and the need to stop harming people with guns. This song is very inspiring to stop gun usage.

Encomienda is my favorite song on this disc. Its chorus is just great and it has a sound to it like that of AFI (one of my favorite bands). The song is just great and it will probably bring people into Thought Riot.

My other favorite song from this album is Duality Of The Revolutionary (Song 11), which has a great part in it from the Goonies. From beginning to end this is just a wonderful song.

Not to say the other songs aren't great, but these were standouts for me. I would suggest a listen from everyone. Especially a listen from those who are fans of AFI, Anti-Flag, or those who just want a refreshing band with some pretty powerful and thought-provocative lyrics.