Broilers - (sic!) (Cover Artwork)


(sic!) (2017)

Skull and Palms Recordings

Despite being around since 1994, Düsseldorf’s Broilers are still virtual unknowns outside of their immediate home region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Perhaps the German lyrics are off-putting to the masses? Nah...We still love Rammstein. Don’t we?

Having long since dropped the capitalized Oi in their name, Broilers latest LP “(sic!)” is still chock full of their original punk and ska influences, while still allowing plenty of space to expand.

“Bitteres manifest” is a great ‘Whoa’-along punk rager, while indie rock jam “Die Beste aller Zeiten” could’ve had this band on the early 90s Sub Pop roster.

What will probably be the standout track for many, “Gangster, Gangster” is pure reggae infused punk, reminiscent of Sandinista! Just be sure to clear the dance floor in time for “Ihr da oben”, a mostly acoustic ballad.

“Meine Familie” gets things going again with its rocksteady flavor, leading nicely into “Zu den Wurzlen”, which works wonders with traditional ska (more Dekker, less Goldfinger).

Closing track “Und hier steh’ich” is probably the most unique of the lot. It’s a down-tempo rock anthem that crests and dips with soulful bravado. Think Richard Marx meets Live. In German.

While you’re free to spend your day on Google Translate to decipher the lyrics if you like, musically I’m impressed here. While surely the members of any band nearing its 30 year mark probably have gotten the hang of their instruments, not all will continually push the envelope. There’s some fierce guitars at play here, be they acoustic or distorted electric. And of course a band with any bit of ska influence had better have a hell of a rhythm section, and Broilers do. Fantastic drumming and walkalong bass drive the songs forward.

In all, I’m glad I came across this feisty little number. How a band like this can fly under so many radars for so long will remain a mystery, but it just goes to show you how wonderful things can be beyond your own backyard.