Wizo - Uuaarrgh! (Cover Artwork)


Uuaarrgh! (1995)

Fat Wreck Chords

I was looking for this album for almost a year before I saw it in crappy second hand store, some 4 years ago.I didn't really care if I was to understand what they are singing about, but to my surprise they included a lyric sheet in German with full English translation to all songs, which was more than welcome.
Altrogh this band never quite matched the popularity of other fat bands like Lagwagon or Strung out, they manage to write some great melodic punk songs.Some are serious, some are not.

1.Tod Im freibad-Fast and stupid song about "Death at the swimming pool".It's catchy and fast, so I can't complain.

2.How could I've known-This is a bit happier song, still fast, the only real difference is that this song is in English.

3.Gemein-This song reminds me of Green Day for some reason.Angrier and more interesting Green day...

4.Raum de zeit-The song that was on Survival of the fattest and while most of the people ignored the message and laughed at their 'funny accent', this song is serious, with lyrics like "I'm gay, I'm a Jew and I'm a Communist too,I'm black and handicapped but just as human as you." Calling for tolerance between people of all colors,shapes and sizes, because as the song says "You're just one in a billion and that's what you've gotta accept, you're just one of a billion asses in the world."

5.Anruf-This is just some stuff that someone left on their answering machine in German.Not a song.

6.Hey Thomas-Slower song with double kick drum beats thrown in for a good measure.A bit more depressing song about a guy they know.

7.Kopfschuss-This song is like a punch in the face after Hey Thomas. Political song about German secret police and an accident that happened a while back with a catchy chorus.

8.Schweinewelt-Schweinewelt which means Pig World is simply about how fucked this World has grown to be.The song finishes with rather evil but realistic line "And there remains again only one winner, in the end the only one laughing is death."This song along with Kopfschuss are the highlights of the album.

9.W8ting 4 u-Another song in English, and it is the cheeziest song on here by far, but it has some clever lyrics:"I know you were fat, you were all oversized, you've been mean all the time, so I had to kill you, after that I felt fine..."

10.Schlechte laune-This is a fast song with attitude."This is not my day, my month, my year, my life."

11.Lug & trug-A song with slow/fast tempo changes with some great riffs with more personal lyrics.

12.Das goldene stuck-Another slower song about German government and religious influence on it.Although it sounds angry, it is still decent sing-a-long song.

13.Hound-The last song on here is about life as a dog (Hound).About how untested blood donations carrying HIV was sold on the German market, infecting many people.They manage to turn a song into a partly ska song with horns and Spanish feel to it towards the end.

WIZO uses a lot of double kick drum beats on this record which are used Don't judge them only by their songs on fat compilations, because they are heaps better.

Raum Der Zeit
Schlente Laune