Various - Release DVD (Cover Artwork)


Release 📀 (1999)


This DVD is a documentary of punk and hardcore music. The whole movie is interviews with various bands and fans outside shows. The special features are pretty good and the actual movie is good for the most part, it just seems kind of long and drawn out to me. But there is two pop bands in here, don't really know why they're in a punk/hardcore documentary. There is part of an MxPx show and an interview, and there is an interview with Blink 182 in the special features.

As I said, the movie consists of interviews from bands such as Sick of It All, Madball, MxPx, and many, many more. There is also a section talking about straight edge where a fan or two talks about it and I believe a few bands do as well.

The special features are great. There is a live Hatebreed performance, a Greg Gaffin (Bad Religion) interview, a Blink 182 interview, Moshing 101 (hilarious), and it shows the director and crew's journey to the film festival.

All in all, a pretty nice watch, but like I said earlier, it seemed to take forever when I watched it. I suggest watching in segments. It would have been nice to have this when I was getting in to punk and hardcore, but still I suggest you get it even if you have been in to it for a while.