Various - Punk Broadcasting System DVD (Cover Artwork)


Punk Broadcasting System 📀 (2001)


This DVD is all music videos from various punk bands. AFI, Refused, MxPx, Vandals, Ataris, Descendents, and more make up this 21 video DVD.

I'll give you a list of some of the songs I liked on the DVD.

  • All Systems Go - "All I Really Want"
  • Refused - "New Noise"
  • AFI - "Totalimmortal"
  • the Descendents - "I'm The One"
  • Ataris - "San Dimas High School Football Rules"
  • Sloppy Seconds - "Fifteen Minutes or It's Free"

  • Ok, I know All Systems Go is poppy, and I didn't like this song at first either. But after a few listens, it was so catchy I found myself downloading it so I could listen to it more. Well, the AFI video is probably what you would expect. Not their best song, but a good one, and an alright video. The Refused video is spectacular. This was the first time I heard Refused, after that, I was hooked. The video is strange, but good; and the song is great. The Descendents video is kind of weird, it starts off with people standing outside a sperm bank. Good song and alright video though. Again I know the Ataris are poppy, but I had to watch the video since it was called that. I mean, that's a line out of one of my favorite movies, Bill and Ted. I grew to like the song, the video is just them in a room, so, not much going on there. The Sloppy Seconds song is about getting pizza for free if it's not at your house in fifteen minutes. The video is pretty much that too.

    Some of the songs I didn't like were Horace Pinker, The Strike, The Vandal's song was funny, but the video sucked, and the Dwarves song upset me. "Over You" is definitely not their best song.

    Divit's "Just Let Em' Burn" and Movielife's "Single White Female" I'm not real sure about. I kind of like Divit, but Movielife I just can't listen to for too long.

    Pick up this video if you want to see videos by these guys, you sure won't see them on MTV.