The Saints - (I'm) Stranded (Cover Artwork)

The Saints

(I'm) Stranded (1977)


This is the debut album by the Australian punk rock band The Saints. They have been around for many years and during this time the band has diversified their sounds with strong pop, folk and R&B influences. (I'm) Stranded however is an album that was strongly influenced by the MC5 and the stooges. They sang about love and frustration that they felt living in Australia.

(I'm) Stranded has lots of feedback, noise and strong energy. Eight out of the ten songs off this album have moments like these. These eight songs are also very energizing and absolutely exhilarating. The other two songs are titled "Messin' with the kid" and "Story of love" and these songs demonstrate the more mellow sounds that The Saints would develop later in their careers. These tracks have slower tempos and less noise and aggressiveness. The song "Nights in Venice" is a fantastic song that is almost six minutes long. This song has lots of dynamic changes and energy. The song builds up to a hard hitting and exciting ending that is very powerful. The singer (Chris Bailey) sings with excitement and attitude. On "Nights in Venice" and on the rest of the songs off this album.

The song "Wild About You" is a cover by another Australian band called "This Missing Links". The Saints' version is fast and fantastic. The song "One Way Street" is more of a melodic punk song and has lyrics about distrust and frustration and has great bass lines.

I would recommend this album to anybody who is looking for a raw, fun and heavy punk album. It has fantastic songwriting and almost every song off of it is amazing. My name is Average