The Lawrence Arms - Ghost Stories (Cover Artwork)

The Lawrence Arms

Ghost Stories (2000)

Asian Man

If blistering, fast punk with raspy vocals, apathetic lyrical content, and cheap recording techniques are your cup of tea - this is your record.

Although The Lawrence Arms are considered by most a weaker version of their previous band, The Broadways, most can't deny their stunning ability to craft memorable material. Regardless of the recording quality, any listener can tell the heartache and passion behind each and every short-but-sweet song. From the opening chord of "Sixteen Hours," to the aching "Turnstiles," and the amazing "Last One," Ghost Stories has the listener always paying attention and humming along.

While it's obvious the band is still in the works of maturing, everything that made their breakthrough FatWreck release "Apathy and Exhaustion" a success is evident here (minus the crisp production) - and it sure is a very satisfying way to spend $8. Highly recommended.