The Saints - Eternally Yours (Cover Artwork)

The Saints

Eternally Yours (1978)


Johnny Ramone once said "If you ever hear The Saints from Australia, they're just like us". This is The Saints' second album and is an album that would recommend to anyone who is looking for a unique punk record. While the songs are written with the same amount of energy as your average punk album, the band uses of horns and writes acoustic inspired songs. The songs talk about the corruption and dullness in the society of Australia. The second track "Lost and Found" is an example of this album expressing these political messages. The lyrics say that Australian leaders ignore problems and exploit individuals. "Memories are made of this" is a track about Australian's lack of action against the government during the late 70s. The vocals on this album match the feeling of the songs  very well. Emotions such as anger, excitement and even playfulness on the songs like "International Robots". A very funny track with humorous backing vocals that even includes the lead singer actually laughing at some points. As serious as the topics are, this is just a very fun record. The sound of the guitar changes frequently, at times sounding eerie, crisp and melodic. The song "New Centre of the Universe" incorporates these sounds and the track opens up with a quiet guitar riff that progressively gets louder. The track "(I'm) Misunderstood" has a very energizing outro with very good performances. Well, the very good performances part basically is true for the entire album. It isn't surprising to me that this band has inspired acts such as The Hives and Dead Kennedys because this album is very well done. As I said before, if you are looking for a unique punk record, please give this album a listen.