Lumpy and The Dumpers - Those Pickle Fuckers (Cover Artwork)

Lumpy and The Dumpers

Those Pickle Fuckers (2017)

La Vida En Un Mus

If Lumpy & The Dumpers were The Crucifucks this EP would be their Wisconsin album. A departure from the purely and overtly chaotic, harsh qualities seen in previous Lumpy releases, Those Pickled Fuckers gives us more than we ever thought to ask for.

This album is a huge step forward for solo project. Songs such as the title track, “Passing Glass,” and “Hair on the Inside” are reminiscent of the classic Lumpy; the hard and the fast, the absurd and the rude. But while there’s always a chalk-on-the-board twinge to previous releases, this 2017 EP adds that creepy, lurking, someone’s-behind-you feeling through a sludgy croon on such songs as “”Someone’s in the House” and “Clatter Song” to the [[Lumpy & The Dumpers]] sound that is not unlike the aforementioned Crucifucks’ Doc Dart. Adding a distorted synth and piano to “Clatter Song,” as well as “Attention,” in combination with that gritty lo-fi our generation has come to embrace, Lumpy has fully evolved into something fans of Huff My Sack and Collections can easily get slimy to.

Not for the faint of heart and clean.