Fifth Hour Hero - Collected In Comfort (Cover Artwork)

Fifth Hour Hero

Collected In Comfort (2001)

No Idea

Whoa... I'm not too big on indie rock and I know most people who visit this site aren't either, but I've seen Fifth Hour Hero live before and after being charmed by their highly energetic set, I was really looking forward for this 5-songs CDEP... (with a bonus "surprise" track) Now it's difficult for me to compare them to other bands, I mean I was told that if you were into the Jade Tree type of sound, you would like this album... Jade who what now?? But seriously, to me Fifth Hour Hero have this Ottawa type of sound, sort of like a faster and merrier Shotmaker. Also, where most emo bands fail to please me with their usual preachy and deterrent lyrics, Fifth Hour Hero excels... they actually EXPLAIN their own lyrics, which is so nice to see. You don't have to agree with everything they say but at least you get the complete picture. So check them out already, and get the CD from